Oostkapelle is a characterful Zeeuws village with all kinds of activities and various shops. Especially in the summer it is always lively and enjoyable on the terraces and the weekly tourist market.
A family-run seaside resort with wide beaches, low dune transitions and beautiful natural areas, such as “De Manteling” and the Dune and Waterwing area “Orange Sun”.

The origin of Oostkapelle is strongly connected with the abbeys of Rijnburg and Middelburg. They owned land in and around the village. During the Middle Ages Oostkapelle was especially an important spiritual center. The church dedicated to Sint Willebrord was one of five main churches on Walcheren.

The beach

The beach of Oostkapelle has been proclaimed several times as the cleanest beach in the Netherlands.

The super wide beach at short distance is number one attraction. Oostkapelle beach is very suitable for a varied day out. Surfing, horse riding or kiting are just a few possibilities you can use.
The beach is referred to as a ‘blue’ flag which means that even children can safely enjoy the opportunities that this place has to offer.