The neighbourhood

Along the coast are a number of well-known seaside resorts, such as Domburg, where activities are organized for young and old in the summer months. You will also find a subtropical swimming paradise.
In the north of Walcheren lies the town of Veere, one of the most surprising places, a historic monument on the Veerse Meer. From the church tower you have a fantastic view over the Veerse Meer. Water sports enthusiasts can enjoy their hearts.

Domburg is the oldest coastal town of Zeeland province. Picturesque and mondain. It combines a beautiful beach with beautiful landscapes and an impressive village just behind the dunes. Since the middle of the nineteenth century, Domburg has become a real seaside town, although the first tourists have already been in the seventeenth century.
The pure sea air combined with the vast forest and dune area are real attractions. As a result, many bathers came to this place to take a cure. And today you can still do that.
The main attraction of Domburg remains the famous beach. In the village and towards the dunes there are plenty of parking spaces, but in summer it can get very busy. Some parking spaces are sometimes just a few tens of meters from the beach and so close to the many beach crossings.

Middelburg is the capital of Zeeland. It is a monumental city with many historic buildings. The city has a rich history that you still see in the current street scene. The many events, shops and restaurants make it a vibrant city. Whatever the Zeeuws themselves would like to go shopping or stroll on a terrace.
A city walk through Middelburg led by a guide shows the capital in a different way. Or take a round trip through the ancient canals.

Veere: The once-powerful Veere is nowadays a beautiful tourist city on the Veerse lake. Lots of terraces, fine dining and amidst a beautiful historic setting, and also offers a lot of water sports. Veere has a nice little harbor where ever the richly loaded ships from Scotland lay. Along the Kaai there are still beautiful pack and merchant houses. Survival you will find beautiful courtyards and views that take you back in time.
The most striking monuments are the former town hall, it was built in the 15th century and the tower with the bell in the 16th century. The Campveerse Tower is a prominent place from the Veerse Meer. It was a part of the city defense around 1500. Then the tower served as an inn and coastal light. Now it is still one of the oldest still existing inns in the Netherlands.
The imposing Great Church is on the south-east side of Veere. The church was completed in 1521 and is used as a cultural center.

Vlissingen is the boulevard and the boulevard is Vlissingen. The port city of the Westerschelde has the longest seabed of the Netherlands, where you can almost touch the passing ships. The Vlissingen boulevard was completely renewed in the 1990s. On one side of the promenade is Michiel de Ruyter, at the other end is the wind organ. On the seafront there are several restaurants and terraces where summer and winter the view of the passing seagoing ships is unique.
A beautiful view of the sea also comes from the crows nest, part of the Arsenal. This maritime attraction center is entirely marked by pirates and marine creatures. Ideal for a day with the family.
Vlissingen has a protected cityscape and has about 300 monuments in the old city center. And the city has a lot of art in public space. This art route leads through various works of art spread throughout the municipality of Vlissingen.